Our company started in June of 1987 with one client in the basement of my house.  Twenty eight years later we have over 200 business partners in 3 states. 


Over the years our company has expanded 3 times, from a small office on 118th and Center to where we are today on 120th & L. We currently have 4 full time team members and 2 part time team members.


We value our business partners, they range from physicians' offices, dental practices, chiropractic, veterinary offices, sanitation collection companies, and lawn services just to name a few.


As our company moves to the future we will plan and follow through to the continued growth of being a great business partner, investing in our team members, assisting our customers, and expand the communities we serve. 


Passion, commitment, and honesty are all integral of what makes our company exceptional.  You can expect nothing less from us We ask you to please consider our company as a business partner and in doing so; I sincerely thank you and on behalf of our team members.


Warmest regards,


Steve Cortese

Chief Executive Officer

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The Collection Analyst
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The Collection Analyst, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Omaha, NE

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